Oozi – I hate Oozi

I need to mess with the PID loop on the 3D printer. Right now it’s got about 12 possible temperature states in a look-up table, and that’s not enough. It needs 60, I think. The symptom is that the print never starts, and I believe that’s because the temperature never stabilises enough. If the change in loop doesn’t fix it, I’ll end up using an Arduino/Ramps combo, but I need to do this.

I’ve needed to do it for about five months now. I do not want to flash that damned thing Yet Again. For one thing, it’s been months since I have and I’ve forgotten most of the steps.

Update: Have accidentally ordered an Arduino Mega to go with the early RAMPS board I picked up. I was on eBay and it fell into my basket.

Itchy: that bit should not have melted

I made the Y lead-screw nuts out of polymorph. They have now eased and conformed around the screws, but for a while they were very slightly out of alignment. One of them’s oozed a bit, and dripped down the side of the aluminium part of the block. That probably shouldn’t have happened.


Itchy – how the nuts work

I was going to make myself a tap out of steel and try to make an aluminium nut from it – after discussion I decided to make that a delrin nut. After further discussion, I used polymorph. And by further discussion, Roger came into the room ten minutes after I’d explained the problem to him, and said, “The other thing you could do…” and then I did what he suggested.

NB: do not use a drill to move the screw back and forth in polymorph to clean it out. It gets hot, and polymorph melts below 100 Celsius.

Fortunately it’s not hard to warm it up again and recast it. It’s all trapped inside a bit of inch square extrusion.

Oozi – starting her up again

I’ve borrowed a roll of kapton tape (maybe kaptan, I don’t know, I just know that kaftan keeps on trying to get in the way) and I’m using that to keep the thermistor electrically isolated from the heating block. Now I’ll start ‘er up again…

The kapton stayed on, which is great. I need to bind the thermistor in better, which I’ll do when it’s all cooled down again, but nothing broke.

Makibox – Oozi

I bought a cheap 3D printer. Once I had bought it, I found out it was from clearance but had probably already been in some way paid for, which is annoying. Someone else didn’t get their machine, and while I know there is no direct connection between me having this and another, particular person not having it, I am still profitting in the cheapness of a clearance machine from the money that someone else put in.

That aside, and it’s not a moral problem for me given the circumstances, I’ve now got a cheap 3D printer. The hot end, where the plastic gets melted, is famously terrible on this machine. It was a new design and tiny tolerances were needed, and it didn’t quite work. And also, I broke mine. So I’ve 3D printed a different big of plastic to hold a different head, and someone who was not using an old heater end and some other bits donated them, meaning I’m still getting a cheap 3D printer rather than an expensive time sink. It’s a cheap time sink instead. Currently bits of the hot end are cable tied together and the whole thing is about as shonky as a unicycle on a rocking chair.

Through-hole soldering tips for the gutter punks

  • When putting headers onto anything flat, do it upside-down with the headers in a breadboard
  • You can use female/male headers above any pins or headers you’re putting on, to make sure they stay aligned and vertical
  • The plastic on headers will melt at soldering temperature, so never rely on a pin staying still
  • Components can be kept in place with blue tack, which does not conduct electricity…
  • …unless it’s got little bits of metal stuck in it
  • Solder diagonal corners of anything with more than two legs, and check how it’s seated before you commit to the rest

Cooking: Really easy approximately Thai food

Disclaimer: This tastes delicious, but if you have Thai friends, don’t ask for their honest opinion.

1) Put some rice on to steam. If you don’t know how to steam rice, boil it or open a packet or whatever. I don’t care. But the time the rice takes to steam is the outer limits on cooking time. 18 minutes from a cold start.

2) Chop up some garlic. As much as you can be arsed to chop up. Mince it until you’re bored.

3) In a wok, big pan, or whatever you can grab, fry the garlic in some oil. Add as much super-hot Sriracha as you think you can bear, or twice as much green-top Sriracha as necessary. The important thing here is to add some spicy sauce.

4) Add a can of coconut milk. You now have a delicious sauce.

5) Boil everything else in the delicious coconut spicy sauce. You can use a pre-cut stir-fry, or frag some veggies, or throw in leftovers. I won’t judge you. I don’t actually give a fuck what you eat, to be honest, as long as it’s not made of people, and you enjoy it. Lime zest or juice is good, and if you have a G&T habit you’ll have some you need to use up, but fuckit, it’s your decision.

5a) If you’re boiling meat, cut it up small and put it in first, to be sure it’s cooked. If it ends up overcooked, change that next time.

6) Eat. Optionally you can serve it first.

You’re welcome.