Robot Army, a setback

The method I’ve chosen to find out where body heat is can’t be done at the price I want it. I’ve got the wrong phototransistors, or at least I’ve been told I have. I should put the two transistor test version together, and see if I can get any sensible reading, but it’s been hot and I’ve been busy and I’m a bad robot parent. I also need to tidy my room enough that I can solder in it. Even by my standards it’s been bad lately, as I’ve been working elsewhere. I’ve got borrowed kit here and there as well, which I need to move to my Place For Borrowed Kit. Maybe I’ll just fake a house fire and start again.


Trying to use phototransistors to find heat sources and work out where they are, for the brief ‘my robot army will hunt you down’. They seem to be the wrong stuff for a human heat source. I have not yet tried this out, and I should, but I’ve been told they are wrong.

I can do some other stuff, like have an IR source in the middle of the pupil, and then bounce off that, which might work. However, for the moment I’m failing with a 3D printer instead.