Moaaaaaare Caaaaaaane

A cane end, with brass of two different colours, one colour being an extentionI went back with the aluminium ending to my friend, who tried out the cane and decided it was too short. I smugged internally, very briefly, and then measured how much longer it needed to be. Then I ordered the brass.

I’ve cut this a little longer than he thought, because I can take it down pretty easily, and having a cane that is a touch too long isn’t a problem. However, there is a slight problem that the rubber end is starting to perish, so there may have to be some more repair work done.

The cane is now a lot heavier, but I didn’t want to thin down the extention too far. If it’s horribly heavy I can do that, but I rather like the swing of it, so I’m leaving it like this.


A wooden cue with a brass collar to which an aluminium extension has been addedA friend has a pool cue which converts to being a walking stick, by unscrewing the top and taking out the front part of the cue, then screwing that onto the front. The bottom of the walking stick part has a thread that needs protecting, and the cap is what hits the ground. The stick is too short for my friend, so I’m making a longer cap.

The thread on it is 3/8″ 12tpi. For those who don’t know threads, this is a weird size. It’s made for brass, which is brittle, so it’s a very coarse thread. I had to get expert help in sourcing s new tap to cut the thread.