Itchy: Victory

A block of wood with a distorted silver circle drawn on itLast night I put everything together. The tool chain is now clear. I learned what ‘tool chain’ means from Co-Squidly. It was a word I knew but had never really respected, and now I do. So, here’s the flow:

  • Generate paths in Inkscape
  • Inkscape -> Extensions -> GCodeTool -> Path to GCode
  • Clean Gcode – inkscape uses (comments like this) and gcode needs ;comments like this
  • Import to bCNC (python GUI to send gCode)
  • Send to Arduino
  • Magic happens. Stuff moves!

The silver circle on the wood above was drawn in inkscape and sent to the machine where it was drawn with a Sharpie. I’ve built a machine. I declared tea and victory, and went home.

My friends have nicknamed it wobblebot. This is not unfair. It needs a lot of work, but it’s what I was after.