Making a better pen

A brass cylinder with a protrusion at one endAfter making the aluminium pen, I showed off pictures of it and ended up agreeing to make a couple more. I did one more in aluminium, and then turned to brass. If it were solid metal, a brass pen would be too heavy, but I can make it out of brass and wood easily enough.

I had a scrap bit of brass, and there was a failed thread already in there, so I took that off very very slowly, and as a consequence my chip size was tiny. It picked up a bit once I had a smooth cylinder. I had had to hold the aluminium at both ends, and the brass was a lot shorter, so although I was using the tail stock for some of the time, it wasn’t in the way, and I only needed to cut a section of it. There was very little chatter. I cut the shoulder slightly wrong, and it has a small step on it, but I’ll see how that goes. It may not need re-doing. I also added rings to the part that will sit inside the handle, to help with the attachment process, whatever that will be. Drilling out the inner part was not difficult, but a combination of lube and chip size meant I could not see what I was doing if I took the drill bit out, so instead of peck drilling, I checked my speed calculations and then pushed harder. Still alive.

We didn’t have a decent parting tool, and my brain was starting to complain about all the work I had done, so I cleared up on the lathe and took the part off the parent rod with a hack-saw. I’m glad I did, because it felt so different to aluminium. It’s really slippery, but it cut well anyhow.

I need to source some wood, make it into an approximate round, and then put it onto the brass part. Then I’ll sand the heck out of it until it’s properly round and fits the handle perfectly. A bit of hot glue, and I’m done. Then I declare tea and victory.