Itchy – now we’re committed

I bought a single piece of V slot in the right shape for the gantry I want. It’ll work for lightweight stuff. I also bought the things I think I need for the gantry build, except for what I can make. I’d like to try making oldham connectors at some point, for interest’s sake. The flexible shaft to shaft connection was much cheaper than any I could find on eBay, though.

I used ooznest, which was the cheapest V rail supplier in the UK – just about the only one I could find, in fact – and padded out a lot of the build with items from eBay. I’m going to machine my own head including mountings, but I know why it needs to be what shape it needs to be, so I can live with that.

I modelled it up in Onshape, as the very basic blocks of what I wanted to make, using cuboids instead of profile sketches, so I knew what had to go where. That-one-engineer-with-the-beard showed me how he had handled the box that held his couplings, and I’ll probably go with square section stuff to hold other stuff together.

Technical terms, there.