Itchy: work list

I’ve got a gantry, and some bearings; those need to be joined. The blocks need drilling, partly tapping, and to have the tender minstrations of a slitting saw applied. I’ve got a day to do that.

I need to assemble it all, including the blocks and a central lead screw. Then the gantry has to be attached to all of that. I don’t have a connector for the lead screw right now. I’ll look into oldham connectors just because I haven’t used those yet, but I’ve ordered another of the aluminium spirals. Last I looked, oldham connectors cost money. It would be fun to make one, though, so I can say I have.

The microswitches need to go onto the frame, and be wired in.

I need to 3D print cable lay, and work out where to put it, including platforms for it to run along if necessary.

My programmer squid (don’t ask) arrives tomorrow, and I need to get her up to speed. I fully expect I will then be left in her dust. I’m OK with that as long as she leaves a trail of comments.

The breadboarded electronics need to be veroboarded.