Itchy: current task list

Minimal task list to have a working plotter machine that doesn’t tear itself apart

  • Make all screw-driven axes have drive that’s at the same level as the drive screw. Looking at you, Y axis.
  • Metal X axis termination for motor mount, including lower brace
  • Extend and route wiring through cable track (motors and limit switches)
  • Build platen for flat things to sit on while the head moves
  • Y axis anti-backlash nut
  • Take up slack on X axis belt
  • Duct tape Sharpie to machine head

I can dodge some of these things. I don’t need to rebuild the motor mount unless it starts to fall apart. I could move the limits of the machine away from the Y axis motor. But, to make it be the version 1 that I want, it needs to have those things done.