Learn C the Hard Way – reference book

Now that I’ve got a project where I’m using C in the wild, I’m concentrating more on that than on learning. It’s definitely rubbing in the stuff I need to know, but I’m also aware I’m using some very basic tools and there might be better stuff out there. I’m about to approach structs in the book, but so far they haven’t reared their ugly head in anything I need to do. I think.

This is a thing I found with LPythonTHW as well. I took what I needed, and moved on a lot more slowly from that point, but I also went back pretty much constantly to the earlier lessons, to use them for syntax. Every time I’m unsure how to type something, I know that there will be an example somewhere in LCTHW that shows me the thing I’m after. That’s good.

I’ll likely drift away from that model too, unless it turns out it covers things I’m picking up here and there. Stuff like bitshifts are really useful when I’m setting an array of pins and need to go through a binary number in order. I’m sure that’ll come up as an operator, but it hasn’t yet. Having learned how to do it, if I get things wrong there’s still the internet, but for now there’s mostly Zed’s book.