The latest in Yak Depilation

Sometimes, I find I no longer know the original ‘I need to wash my car’ incident or problem for which I am now shaving yaks. Here, I believe it is ‘I want to improve my drawing machine’.

  • So I have to be able to interact with the visuals, programatically; OpenCV looks good. But OpenCV is hard to use, because it’s powerful.
  • So, I need to be able to write software.
  • And if I go at a project this size I will just bounce off, so I need a smaller project first.
  • Project Euler exists, and the maths is relatively easy within the scope of what I can learn. Converting the maths to code is hard, though.
  • I need to learn how to handle big numbers, and #include BigInt.h is cheating.
  • So here I am, learning how to write bigint.h
  • Which means as this pdf isn’t easily readable that I’ll have to print it out
  • Hence, I’m trying to make CUPS work so I can print

There is nothing that can be said in favour of this plan, except that it will be a really well shaved yak when I leave it to go back up the list of items. Fortunately, attempting to make my print server actually print is always enough to pull me up and make me reconsider my life.

  • So, here I am on the Epson website, buying ink…

Oozi – it lives!

I’ve replaced the head on the 3D printer. Mechanically, it’s all fine. Physically, it looks good. There’s a bit of wobble, but that’s a matter I can deal with trivially with shims.

Now I need to flash new firmware. Probably not using a .hex file – I should be able to expand the Arduino environment a bit. So listen out for sobbing.

Itchy: Google API and image search

Google’s search API is deprecated. For image searching, I used the Google Python CSE API client. That meant setting up my own custom search engine. For a perplexing long time I couldn’t get any decent results out of it, but then I blanked out the list of sites in which to search (I had and nothing else) and, importantly, found a dropdown menu that gave me the option of searching elsewhere. So now I’m finding 0 results from my first tier non-sites, and then all the results that google can give me, from the second tier. It’s a strange way of doing it, and I couldn’t find it in any of the docs, but that’s how I did it.

Itchy: software and sobbing into my keyboard

For the Pint of Science festival, I’m paired with someone working in machine learning, primarily with text. He’s giving me the results of a search that finds common names – or sometimes fails to find things that are names, but look a bit like them. I use those for an image search.

I hate hell, all Capulets, and Google Custom Search API.