IPhone tripod mount

I milled down two short bars of ali and put 45° troughs along one side. I drilled the bottom of one (opposite the trough) at 13/64″ and sank a 1/4 20 tap into it, to fit my tripod. At an eyeballed centre of a long side of each, I drilled 4.2mm and tapped to 5mm. I borrowed the taps for that. Using really good tools allows me to fake competence, or at least I am told that by someone I once thought was competent.

To join the two bits I laser cut 3mm acrylic into a rectangle with a slit in it. It holds my iPhone at a flat angle and will expand or contract if I change phones. I have some 5mm bolts in there which makes me happy because I stole them from !competent_guy. Little victories.

I need to add in foam or rubber between the jaws, to hold the phone sideways. There’s a lot of bend in the acrylic, so I could make it stiffer or make it out of metal. I need to do one of those things.